IMG_6118My name is Jordan LaMothe. I live on a small farm in Hebron, NY, where I have been hand forging knives since 2011.

You can read more about my story on my Bio page.

Also, follow @jordanlamotheblades on Instagram for pictures and updates on my latest projects.





Press for Jordan LaMothe:

Glens Falls Post Star: Competing in Feats of Steel: Hebron Man, 21 Wins History’s Forging Competition, June 25, 2017


Bennington Banner: Hammer and Forge: Local Graduate is ‘Forged in Fire’ Champion, June 13, 2017


Here is a little bit about my knives:


Handmade vs. Machine made….There is a Difference!

A knife from Jordan’s Blades is individually crafted by hand through the entire process, and is carefully finished to high standards. The reason to choose a handmade knife is simple: a knife that is made in the human hand will be the most comfortable and effective when used in the hand. When I design a knife, I strive to achieve the perfect balance and feel for the tasks it is intended to perform. If it does not feel right, I keep adjusting it until it does. This kind of careful attention to the knife yields a product that is unparalleled by any machine made knife.

Why Choose a Hand Forged Knife?

A knife from Jordan’s Blades begins as a bar of steel. It is heated in a coal forge, pounded into shape with a hammer and anvil, and meticulously finished by hand to high standards.

Many knife makers produce their knives by a process called stock removal. Stock removal consists of cutting or punching the blade out of  either bar or sheet steel, and then grinding to shape. Many of these blades are sent out to commercial heat treating facilities to be hardened and tempered, then are finished, either by hand or machine depending on the maker.

My process of making a knife involves hand forging the blade to shape.

One advantage of hand forging is the ability to recycle materials. Old car and truck springs, farriers’ rasps, and old files are good examples of recycled steels that will make decent blades. Having a hand forged knife that was once something else is a novelty, and a good story to tell. I have a large camp knife that I forged out of a small piece of a truck leaf spring. It is an incredibly rugged and effective knife, and it has the story of its origin to go along with it.

On most of my knives, I use new steel because it gives me more control and assurance of a fine product than recycled steel does. With new steel, hand forging reduces the waste of steel and grinder belts. In a hand forged blade, the steel is physically moved into the shape of the blade, leaving relatively little for the belt grinder to do, meaning less waste. Furthermore, the shape of hand forged knives is not limited by the dimensions of the bar stock to the extent that stock removal knives are.



Carbon vs. Stainless:

Knives from Jordan’s Blades are made from quality high carbon steel. The steels I use (1075,  1084, 1095, W1, and W2) differ in chemical composition from the stainless steels used in most of today’s commercially made knives, and as a result, have different qualities as blade steels. The most notable difference between stainless steel and carbon steel is the fact that stainless steel will not rust or corrode in most circumstances, whereas carbon steel will.

A carbon steel blade that is used frequently and kept free of rust will darken to a dull gray, due to the surface of the steel reacting slightly with acids in the environment. A stainless steel blade will be unaffected by the acid, and will retain its original bright steel color. The darkening of the carbon steel blade does not affect the cutting ability of the blade in any way, and it adds character to the knife.

The quality of performance for a knife from Jordan’s Blades also differs from most commercial stainless steel blades. Because my knives are made from top quality steel, and are carefully heat treated, the cutting edges on my blades will outlast and outcut many commercial blades, making them a better choice for serious knife users.

In most conditions outdoors and in the kitchen, carbon steel knives perform spectacularly. However, stainless steel does have its applications. Knives that are used in wet conditions for long periods of time, or come into frequent contact with corrosives such as salt water or sanitizing solutions should be made of stainless steel to keep the blade from rusting. I will make 440C stainless steel blades on request, should you need a knife to perform in such harsh environments.

Handle Wood:

Nearly all knives from Jordan’s Blades are furnished with natural wood handles. I use a variety of hardwoods, chosen for their aesthetic qualities and durability. I can use practically any handle wood you might request in a custom order.



10 thoughts on “About

  1. Just watched your win on Forged in Fire, congratulations and best wishes for a long and successful career! My wife and I are impressed, and especially happy that you have found a passion you are dedicated to pursuing.

  2. Jordan,

    Congrats on your win!!
    All I know about blades I have learned from Forged In Fire
    I just saw your winning competition on Season 4, episode 7.
    I love promoting a new talent in any genera, hence my communication to you!

    I need a butcher knife of about 5 inches with an overall length of about 10 inches.
    Divots would be nice to handle cutting cheese etc. causing a release from the blade of the item cut.
    I would like it all made from metal, i.e. not wood on the handle, but please let me know if you have other designs you would prefer.

    Cheri Rogers

  3. Congrats on your forged in fire win watching you from the very begining i could see your love of the process. Even when you ran in to obsticals and had to start over you still didn’t take shortcuts and you definitely deserved the win your work was beautiful and i like the oldfashion way you forged. Im from Pennsylvania which isnt that far from you. So I hope to become a customer and you keep making blades for a long time.

  4. Just watched your win on Forged in Fire, congratulations and best wishes for a long and successful career! My wife and I are impressed
    I really appreciate your work
    You order traditionally do not use electrical appliance
    From Sholahuddin “Brother Knives Indonesia”

  5. Hey Jordan! I recently watched the Forged in Fire episode where you won!I was hoping you would win(i am a big LotR fan also) Keep on forging!

  6. Your winning talwar was exemplary. You had an excellect look and performance overall, and I wish you best of luck with your craft! I’m also a huge LotR fan…you remind me of an elf! Haha

  7. Hi Jordan I saw you on Forged in Fire, very impressed with your skills. I interested in chefs knives for cooking. Would you be open to making custom forged chefs knives?

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