Integral Kitchen Utility Knife

The newest knife available from Jordan’s Blades.IMG_4150

This knife is an integral, meaning that the bolsters and the blade were forged from the same stock. The blade transitions smoothly into the exquisite walnut burl handle, and is securely attached with two steel pins through the handle.

This knife will make an exceptional kitchen knife, and the handle is delicately contoured to be comfortable in the hand.IMG_4156

The blade is 4.25″ in length and the handle is 4.5″ in length. All of the materials used on this blade are recycled from previous uses: the blade is forged from an old car spring, the handle is made from scrap salvaged from a furniture maker, and the pins are made from old nails. With a careful, hand sanded, 400 grit finish, these recycled materials come to life in the form of a beautiful, durable knife that will last for years.IMG_4151

Comes with a hand sharpened, razor edge.

Price: $330



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