Walnut Kitchen Knife Set

Here is the first kitchen knife set made by Jordan LaMothe. The four piece set, hand forged from high-carbon steel, will tackle any of your kitchen cutting tasks, from chopping and dicing to paring and peeling.

9″ french-style chef knife: this is definitely the knife for a serious chef. Slender and agile, with good balance, this knife will slice easily, but also has the power for some heavier chopping.

5.5″ kitchen utility knife: this knife is a great go-to knife for smaller cutting tasks where it would be overkill to use the chef knife. The tapered, flexible blade will cut cleanly and efficiently making it great for delicate jobs and thin slicing.

3″ paring knife: this smallest knife is perfect for the careful cutting that goes into preparing a gourmet meal. The short blade enables superior maneuverability for in-hand work, such as peeling potatoes or carrots.

10″ sharpening steel: this piece rounds out the set. A few strokes on the steel from time to time during meal preparation will realign the edge of the knife to keep the blade cutting as smoothly as possible.IMG_6168

All four pieces of this set are hand forged and outfitted with matching black walnut handles and assembled with stainless steel pins. The knives are all hand sanded for easy cleaning and minimal friction when cutting. This set is fully sharpened and ready for use.

Price: $950


To order a knife set to your specifications, or to place an order for just one of these knives, please visit my custom order page.

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