I received my knife and I am very pleased. It is gorgeous! The fit and finish is perfect. I intended some limited use but it will probably be a show piece. ~ Damon Shields

The knife I bought from Jordan just arrived. It is, if anthing, better than pictured or described. Delivery was very quick and he threw in a padded zip case along with the custom sheath. Dealing with him has been a pleasure. If I’m sure of anything it is that this won’t be the last knife order he receives from me. Thanks, Jordan! ~ Tom Sigler

“Thank you so much for the amazing kitchen knife set. The craftsmanship and Artistry make knife work in the kitchen a pleasure. I love the weight and feel along with the performance of the blades…Truly beautiful works of ART.” ~ Andrea Stone ~ Baker City, OR

“Jordan’s knife, our favorite knife in our kitchen, is beautifully designed and keeps its razor-edge permanently.  It is a joy to use and is kept in our ‘top drawer!'”  ~ Gay and John Lynch ~ Kentfield, CA

“My elegant chef’s knife, crafted by Jordan LaMothe, is a joy to use. The vibe of the craftsman/artist is in it’s appearance, feel and heft, and in it’s functional utility. I use it and enjoy it daily, and look forward to counting on dependable service from the knife for the rest of my days. This contrasts greatly with the countless crappy cheap box store knives I’ve had, which were a waste money, and compromised physical comfort. I wholeheartedly endorse Jordan’s Blades!” – Michael Kolodny


4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Congratulations on your Forged in Fire championship! My husband and son love that show and we live in Belcher (between West Hebron and Hartford). Do you sell locally or just online?

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