Forged EDC

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Very much a blacksmith’s knife, this blade is forged from a single piece of W2 steel. You can’t get a more durable knife! Great for hunters, hikers and anyone who wants a unique carry knife with a little extra brawn.

The blade is approximately 5″ long with an elegant swoop in the heel, and the handle has been carefully upset to fit comfortably in the hand with no hotspots. A black leather lanyard adds some flair to the handle and a durable leather sheath keeps it securely at your side.

Price $260 shipped

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7.5″ Damascus Fillet Knife


This knife will be an excellent addition to the kitchen knife block or a trusty companion for the avid fisherman. The blade of this knife is super thin and flexible and holds a razor sharp edge. The handle of this knife is stabilized, spalted maple with micarta bolsters, making this knife entirely waterproof and very durable. A leather carry sheath will be available upon request.

Price: $700

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Damascus Carry Knife

This knife is perfectly suited to the myriad tasks that the user might require throughout the day. The 4″ blade is forged from entirely hand-hammered, pattern welded, high carbon steel. Rope-pattern filework embellishes the spine of the blade from bolster to tip, alluding to the twisted nature of the pattern-welded steel.

The bolster and pins are 416 stainless steel and the handle is made from African blackwood and figured sugar maple.

This blade is guaranteed for a lifetime of use and comes with a leather carry sheath.

Price: $875 shippedimg_8206

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Tulipwood Hunter


IMG_7585This hunter pretty much speaks for itself. The blade is 4″ long, forged from 1084 high carbon steel. The knife is built with full hidden tang construction, with a stainless steel guard and blackened steel spacer.

The file-work along the back of the blade adds some grip for the thumb as well some aesthetic interest, and the sculpted guard gives this knife some extra flair.

The knife comes with a hand stitched, tooled leather sheath that is lined with soft leather for maximum protection of the blade.

Like all of my blades, this knife comes fully sharpened, and carries a lifetime warranty.

Price: $475

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Olive wood Fighter


IMG_6452The angular geometry of this knife is typical of knives used for fighting and self defense. However, the high level of finish makes this knife perfect for collectors and enthusiasts, who want an elegant knife to display, or for the hunter who wants a flashy but functional blade for skinning game. The polished guard made from copper and stainless steel compliments the striking grain of the olive wood to make a handsome product, and the 5″ long clip-point blade provides plenty of functional edge and an effective stabbing point.

Price: $450

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9″ Hickory Camp Knife

IMG_6162This is the knife for the serious outdoorsman. The 9″ long blade, forged from a truck spring, is almost 2″ wide, giving plenty of weight for chopping through branches or brush. The distal taper of the blade combined with the stainless steel end cap makes this knife feel balanced in the hand, and the tough hickory handle has been soaked in linseed oil for water resistance and durability.

The dyed leather spacers and forge-finished spine give the knife a little extra flair for when you are proudly wearing it on your belt in its hand-stitched leather sheath.

Price: $350

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Black Palm Chef Knife

IMG_6027This French-style chef knife will add some class to your kitchen knife block. The 8″ long, hand-forged, high carbon steel blade is slim and sharp, made for smooth cutting and chopping. The integral design with a full, hidden tang balance the knife perfectly, and the contours of the black palm handle make this knife ergonomic to use.

Leather and brass spacers make a fine transition between blade and handle, and the entire knife has been hand-sanded for a clean and soft finish.IMG_6034

Price: $500
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5″ Harvesting/Skinning Knife

IMG_4699This uniquely shaped knife is based on the design of a large skinning knife. While it will work beautifully for skinning large game, the blade shape also lends itself to the needs of the serious gardener. With a wide, 5″ long blade, this knife is hefty enough for topping onions and cutting the heavy stalks of broccoli and cauliflower. This knife swells in width toward the tip, allowing the blade to bite into the cut when harvesting, but the wide curve to the tip allows for ease of skinning.IMG_4700

The hand forged blade is made from 1084 high carbon steel. The guard and handle pins are durable 416 stainless steel, and the handle is black cherry, grown and harvested on our farm in upstate New York. The entire knife is finished with a very clean 800 grit hand rubbed finish.

This knife comes with a hand stitched, brown leather sheath. The sheath has no fastener, so as to enable frequent drawing of the knife when harvesting or butchering. Please inquire if you would like a sheath that fastens for field carry.

Price: $300

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